EIM Courses & Accreditation

Accreditation Benefits

As an Exercise is Medicine accredited service provider you will receive regular literature updates on exercise for health, as well as access to all Exercise is Medicine clinical material.

Your details will be made available on a public database of exercise prescription providers. You will receive an Exercise is Medicine branded plaque (at a fee) and certificate (free) to display at your practice, clinic or exercise centre.

EIM SA Accreditation for Health Care Professionals

The primary focus is to educate and empower all healthcare providers to understand the benefits of regular exercise in the prevention and management of a broad spectrum of diseases, and to give them the means to prescribe it or refer to the appropriate healthcare or fitness professional. One of the main aims of EIM over the world is to get healthcare providers to monitor exercise habits, similar to recording vital signs in all patients. Wherever this has been introduced into healthcare systems, it has already had profound effects on health promotion and cost!

Accreditation for Health Care Professionals is an online process.

Cost: R950.00 per person
Registration: Please click button below to download the Registration Form

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EIM SA Accreditation for Fitness Professionals

One of the primary aims of EIM over the world is to get healthcare providers to monitor exercise habits, similar to recording vital signs in all patients, and then refer patients to EIM Fitness Professionals for the actual exercise prescription. It is designed to be a quality referral system between the healthcare system that monitors health parameters and the fitness system that prescribes appropriate training.

Fitness Professionals need to attend a 3 day workshop in order to be accredited

Cost: R 6000.00 per person

Become EIM Accredited?

In order to register for the Accreditation, please contact FitPro


Email: info@fitpro.co.za
Telephone: 011 463 5329

EIM SA, in partnership with Fitpro, is offering training through a combination of online training and workshops to accredit Certified Personal Trainers in EIM recommended exercise prescription. This is where your role as a trainer becomes important. Doctors will only refer to EIM accredited professionals. Contact details of Health and Fitness professionals who are EIM accredited (via course and test) will be given to Health Care providers for referral.

Once the accreditation process is complete:
• If you pass the test, you will be sent a confirmation letter and certificate.
• You may then indicate if you would like a plaque (at an additional cost)
• Plaque is ordered and delivered on receipt of proof of payment.
• The accredited professional can submit their listing on this website.
• This is checked and your listing as an accredited EIM SA Professional is listed on our directory.