Mission Statement

The South African Sports Medicine Association is an a-political, non-profit, multidisciplinary professional and scientific society dedicated to the motivation, responses, adaptation and health of people involved in sport and exercise.

SASMA’s objective is the promotion of sport science and sport medicine to benefit the South African community through:

  • Arranging local, regional and national meetings of medical professionals, allied health professionals, scientists and educators.
  • Implementing educational programs for members, as well as coaches, athletes and the general public.
  • Publication of a journal, educational material and a communicating website.
  • To develop informed position and public statements in areas of concern to SASMA members and the general public.
  • To protect the interests of its members, nurture sub-groups and special interest groups and to encourage research in the fields of expertise of these groups.

SASMA collaborates with other similar international organizations, physicians, scientists, educators, sport and government bodies with similar interests.