SASMA Members

Any person with a bachelors, honours, masters or doctoral degree at an accredited institution in a field related to health, physical education, biology or exercise science can become a full voting member. Students in the above-named fields and members of sports of allied bodies can become student or associate members. These members enjoy the benefits of full membership, with the exception of voting rights.

SASMA’s Objective

The promotion of sport science and sport medicine to benefit the South African community through:

Arranging local, regional and national meetings of medical professionals, allied health professionals, scientists and educators.

Implementing educational programs for members, as well as coaches, athletes and the general public.

Publication of a journal, educational material and a communicating website.

To develop informed position and public statements in areas of concern to SASMA members and the general public.

To protect the interests of its members, nurture sub-groups and special interest groups and to encourage research in the fields of expertise of these groups.

Our Membership Plans

Student Member


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Associate Member


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Full Member


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Benefits of being a member of SASMA

  • 01

    Discounts to the SASMA Bienniel Congress (this alone covers membership fee)

  • 02

    Email notification for any new publication in the South African Journal of Sports Medicine.

  • 03

    FREE access to the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Individual subscription from 166GBP per year.

  • 04

    Membership of FIMS and access to the International Sportsmed Journal.

  • 05

    Fortnightly SASMA Journal Club articles.

  • 06

    Regional update meetings.