The AWARE Research Study – Athlete With Acute Respiratory Infection

The Sport, Exercise Medicine, Lifestyle Institute (SEMLI) at the University of Pretoria, through the IOC Research Center of South Africa, is leading an international research study to better understand the health impact of respiratory tract infections, including COVID-19, in athletes: The AWARE (Athlete With Acute Respiratory InfEction) Research Study. Due to the novelty of COVID-19, we do not know much about its effect on athletes in particular. The AWARE Study aims to understand more about the effects of common respiratory tract infections, including COVID-19, in athletes, how severe these infections are, and the impact of these infections on athletes as they return to training and competition.

Who can participate? Athletes of all levels and all sports, with or without a disability, who have had symptoms of a respiratory tract infection (any flu-like illness), including COVID-19, in the last 6 months.

Participation will make a significant contribution to science, improving the medical care of athletes, and formulating safe, scientifically-based return to sport guidelines after an infection. Participation involves completing a questionnaire. 

If you meet the criteria to participate, click on the link to complete the questionnaire: