Athletic Triad & Exercise Benefits

Association between the Female Athlete Tria and Endothelial Dysfunction in Dancers.
Postpartum Exercise Regardless of Intensity Improves Chronic Disease Risk Factors.

Feeding Active Kids

It is important for active kids to develop a healthy relationship with food and recognize the value of healthy eating in exercise
performance. The goals for nutrition for active kids are as follows..

14th Biennial South African Sports Medicine Congress

As President of the South African Sports Medicine Association, it gives me great pleasure to invite you to attend our 14th biennial congress to be held at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa in October 2011.

7th Vitality Wellness and Fitness Convention: 5 -7 May 2011

It’s a pleasure for us to invite all members of SASMA to the 7th Vitality Wellness and Fitness Convention. The line-up of topics and speakers gives the event world-class status. We guarantee access to the latest clinically-sound and evidence-based information available.