South African Sports Medicine Association (SASMA) support for Caster Semenya

21 February 2019

SASMA officially wants to communicate support to Caster Semenya during her hearing this week in the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

The objective of SASMA is to promote sports science and sports medicine as supported by ethical and evidence-based guidelines, to the benefit of the South African community. Therefore, the health and safety of athletes are always paramount.

SASMA is concerned that the IAAF decision is based on substantially flawed science and that the recommended pre-participation management is not only questionable but holds potential biological and social harmful effects to a healthy athlete. Furthermore, the Regulations are discriminatory in nature and violate human rights.

Dr Pierre Viviers
MBChB, MMedSc, MSc (Sports Med), FACSM
Prof Christa Janse van Rensburg
MBChB, MSc (Sports Med), MMed (Phys Med), MD, FACSM, FFIMS

Image: Tab59 from Düsseldorf, Allemagne [CC BY-SA 2.0 (]