Selected issues in sport-related concussion (SRC/mild traumatic brain injury) for the team physician: a consensus statement

Stanley Herring1, W Ben Kibler, Margot Putukian, Gary S Solomon, Lori Boyajian-O’Neill, Katherine L Dec, R Robert Franks, Peter A Indelicato, Cynthia R LaBella, John J Leddy, Jason Matuszak, E Barry McDonough, Francis O’Connor, Karen Michelle Sutton, Herring, S. et al, Brit J Sport Med bjsports-2021-104235 (2021)


Selected Issues in Sport-Related Concussion (SRC|Mild Traumatic Brain Injury) for the Team Physician: A Consensus Statement is title 22 in a series of annual consensus documents written for the practicing team physician. This document provides an overview of selected medical issues important to team physicians who are responsible for athletes with sports-related concussion (SRC). This statement was developed by the Team Physician Consensus Conference (TPCC), an annual project-based alliance of six major professional associations. The goal of this TPCC statement is to assist the team physician in providing optimal medical care for the athlete with SRC.