Concussions in contact sports under discussion

Concussion suffered while playing sport, if not managed properly, could have serious consequences for players – such as memory loss and continuous headaches. Most of the victims are youngsters who take part in contact sports like rugby.

South Africa has the highest incidence among the collision sports. Ten to 15% of players suffer concussion every season. The nation is losing prospective Springboks, as the number of school rugby players is dwindling because they fear picking up serious injuries.

SCSA has centres countrywide minimize concussion in sports
Sports Concussion South Africa (SCSA) has devised a programme to help decrease what is regarded as the hidden disease of South African rugby.

Jon Patricios, a Sports Physician, says it has a cumulative effect particularly if it gets to three or more concussions and that is why it is important to manage each concussion, particularly from the first one in a thorough way using scientific research and the data they have. But it is not only rugby players who suffer concussions boxers also suffer the same fate. SCSA has established centres countrywide minimize this.