Athletic Care And Interdisciplinary Sports Medicine World Summit 2011

Date: 28th –30th July, 2011
Location: Bio-Seehotel Zeulenroda | Germany
Congress President: Prof. Dr. Toni Graf-Baumann
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Dear Athletes, Care Givers and Colleagues

The quality of Athletic Care very much depends on the efficiency of how different disciplines and professions interlace their competencies for the good of the athlete. A physician will never be able to consistently provide the highest standard of care through all phases of rehabilitation. Neither will the Athletic Trainer, the Physical Therapist, the Psychologist, the Sports Scientist or the Coach. The diversity of professionals within the network of care is the key.

This broad academic curriculum is embedded into a family friendly setting with an all-day kids athletic camp (ages 6–12) as well as a soothing recreational and outdoor activity program, including a post-congress tour through Germany‘s rich cultural history. This way you can invite your beloved ones to join you on this exceptional trip.

The Congress proceedings and all admitted abstracts will be published in an e-supplement to the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. The journal is published by Elsevier. The abstracts in the esupplement will be available through Science Direct and Medline.

It is a very special pleasure for us to call upon all professionals and students, who share the same passion – Sports Medicine – to join us at the World Summit 2011.

See you in Zeulenroda, Germany 2011.