2024 Adult Compendium of Physical Activities: A third update of the energy costs of human activities

Herrmann SD, Willis EA, Ainsworth BE, et al.

J Sport Health Sci 2024;13:6 12.

Background: The Compendium of Physical Activities was published in 1993 to improve the comparability of energy expenditure values assigned to self-reported physical activity (PA) across studies. The original version was updated in 2000, and again in 2011, and has been widely used to support PA research, practice, and public health guidelines.

Methods: This 2024 update was tailored for adults 19 59 years of age by removing data from those 60 years. Using a systematic review and supplementary searches, we identified new activities and their associated measured metabolic equivalent (MET) values (using indirect calorimetry) published since 2011. We replaced estimated METs with measured values when possible.

Results: We screened 32,173 abstracts and 1507 full-text papers and extracted 2356 PA energy expenditure values from 701 papers. We added 303 new PAs and adjusted 176 existing MET values and descriptions to reflect the addition of new data and removal of METs for older adults. We added a Major Heading (Video Games). The 2024 Adult Compendium includes 1114 PAs (912 with measured and 202 with estimated

values) across 22 Major Headings.

Conclusion: This comprehensive update and refinement led to the creation of The 2024 Adult Compendium, which has utility across research, public health, education, and healthcare domains, as well as in the development of consumer health technologies. The new website with the complete lists of PAs and supporting resources is available at https://pacompendium.com.