The South African Sports Medicine Association (SASMA) is a multi-disciplinary organization of clinicians whose members are dedicated to education, research, collaboration and fellowship within the field of sports medicine. SASMA is South Africa’s official International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS) affiliated sports medicine organisation and, as such, tasked with overseeing the administration of sports medicine in the region. Central to SASMA’s ambition to uphold a high standard of clinical sports medicine practice in South Africa, is the certification of medical and paramedical professionals to ensure that clinicians offering their services to sports teams, sportspersons and exercising individuals are suitably qualified and experienced in the field of sport and exercise medicine.

The SASMA accreditation is deliberately exclusive but not restrictive and aims to recognize individuals and practices that are significantly involved in the practice and advancement of sports medicine as opposed to those who are “just interested”. By nature of their training and experience, these clinicians should be ideally suited to provide comprehensive medical care for athletes, sports teams, or active individuals who are simply looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Those who fall short of the accreditation criteria are encouraged to participate in SASMA and other sports medicine educational meetings to develop greater experience and a stronger involvement in sports medicine.

Professionals who wish to be acknowledged for their experience and work in the field of sports medicine and receive the appropriate certification are required to complete the following application form. You will then be entered onto the SASMA database.

The appropriate references as well as copies of degrees and course certification need to be included with your application.

Please let us know when we need to change your current status so we can make the necessary adjustments on the database.


Approval as an individual accredited by the South African Sports Medicine Association and recognised as qualified and experienced in the field of sports medicine will be confirmed by the issuing of a certificate to be renewed every 3 years using the following parameters:

Appropriate professional registration, medical indemnity insurance & SASMA/FIMS membership are prerequisites

Accreditation Status

Fully Accredited Professional

Associate Sports Medicine Professional

Sports Medicine Professional in Training

Required Score

25 points

15 – 24 points

10 – 15 points

Certification of practices, partnerships and associations as Sports Medicine Units accredited by SASMA will be on the following basis:

  1. At least 50% of the partners or associates are Fully Accredited SASMA professionals
  2. At least 50% of professional employees are Associate or Fully Accredited.
  3. At least 25% of professional employees are Sports Medicine Professionals in Training

: R100


  • R 100 Application and certificate
  • R 60 Name Badge
  • R 300 Plaque

SASMA accredited status provides:

  • Active marketing of the SASMA accredited status
  • Listing as accredited member on the SASMA website

Annual registration and membership fees include:

  • SASMA Membership
  • FIMS membership including
  • Access to the online International Sports Medicine Journal
  • Access to member sections of the FIMS website
  • Sportsmed Update summaries of 5 scientific articles e-mailed weekly
  • Individual and practice certification for 3 years from date of application
  • Subscription to the quarterly South African Journal of Sports Medicine
  • Discounted registration fees for Biennial SASMA Congress
  • Retail, car hire, flight and hotel discounts


1. Download form and complete.

2. Circle the correct numbers as it applies to you on and then total the scores.

3. Send the forms with relevant documents and proof of payment to:

For attention: Dr Jon Patricios
Fax: 051 444 2969
Or  E-Mail:

Bank Account details:  NEDBANK
Account name:  SASMA
Account no: 1063101239
Branch code:  198765
Account type:  Cheque